System & Product Features : How Does Casino Data Online Work?

Casino Data Online is a secure online gaming and market data tool designed for the Gaming Industry. Every month Casino Data Online electronically captures slot machine performance information from subscriber casino properties.

The data is standardized, reconciled and quality assured before the benchmarked results and gaming market data are released online to subscriber properties. This allows your casino property to securely compare its product and gaming revenue performance against the greater industry.

“Security and confidentiality of data is our reputation and livelihood – it goes without saying that no other property can directly view your property’s data – Casino Data Online allows you to view YOUR PROPERTY v Aggregate Comparative Industry Performance.”


  • Participating casino customers provide Casino Data Online with access to the relevant people and information and our technical staff initiate systems that extract data from casino customer reporting systems (slot management and financial management systems).
  • Where applicable financial data is electronically collected from a Monthly Chart of Accounts & Trial Balance.
  • Gaming Data is electronically collected from selected Monthly Slot Performance Reports.
  • Casino system reports are uploaded each month from casino’s and fed to Casino Data Online servers where the information is stored in a secure environment.
  • The information is analysed and formatted into industry standard comparison reports and available via The system and your casino’s data is protected in a secure environment so that no other entity can see the operational information for your casino.
  • Subscribers have access to their own data and comparisons with cumulative data showing high, medium and low practice measures.