iPhone Casinos List – Free Offers

Since its launch in the mid-noughties, the iPhone has become by far and away Apple’s most successful product and one of the world’s most popular mobile devices. Unsurprisingly, it has also become successful as a mobile gambling platform, as more people are beginning to use it in search of great betting offers.

Free Bonuses And Promos of iPhone Casinos

free bonuses of iphone casinosWhen you join the iPhone casinos you are usually given a free cash amount or a number of free spins or free time bonuses. These offers are sometimes accessed by means of a code, and at other times they are made available to all games, or to a specific set or number of them, or even for a one-off special.

Free tournaments and refer-a-friend gifts – all this stuff is available on diverse casino sites and make the playing experience more enjoyable. Here are the main offers types for iOS-optimized gambling sites.

No Deposit

Something else that makes gambling on this platform popular is the existence of no-deposit play. Many sites give free cash to spend on any game. This means that you can start playing immediately without depositing any money, and actually win on one of the games.

Free Spins

free offers for iphone casinosIn addition to deposit-free plays, you often also get free spins, alongside other freebies. Some casinos offer this as part of their welcome package, but many others suggest free rolls as part of weekly or monthly promotions.

These offers can be for all slots or for one certain slot, so for example, if a new one appears, the casino may give a bonus for this game from the start.

Bonus Codes

When you log into an iPhone casino, you can usually claim a deposit-free money bonus ranging from $10 to $100, or free spins ranging from 15-70. These offers can only be used a certain number of times on all permitted games.

Free Tournaments

You can choose to play any of a huge number of game types as blackjack, baccarat, poker (including Omaha, Stud, Razz, HORSE) or mixed games. Tournament types offered include Freezeout, Rebuy, Turbo/Super Turbo, Guarantee, and Satellite.

Refer a Friend Gift

free bonuses and promos for iphone casinos
Some casinos offer a free gift if you successfully refer a friend. This is done after they complete and pay in their first minimum deposit.

Wagering for iPhone Casino Offers

When wagering with casino offers, it is expected to wager a certain amount alongside your bonus amount. This, however, does not necessarily apply to all bets.

Free Games

Every iPhone casino gives you the option of taking part in full-function gambling games with no money staked, much like a practice session ahead of the live play. Such plays are now a staple of online betting activities.

Pros and Cons

Pros: The location and time of your gaming are at your own discretion since it is mobile – all you need is an Internet connection. Another big draw is the quality of graphics and images on iOS devices including iPhones.

The security features of iPhone betting arenas also act as a draw, because people know that their data is subjected to some of the world’s toughest encryption and protective measures so they are not exposed to theft and fraud.

Cons: Mobile betting can be data-intensive, depending on the game or platform. If you are not careful, you may end up exceeding your data cap if you have one.

Features of These Casinos

iPhone gambling apps offer all of the functionality of regular online casinos, and they are available as downloaded iPhone apps or as non-download browser games. Within your jurisdiction, iPhone betting may be restricted, so you should find out what your local law says. Like the iPhone itself, these apps also come with some very useful security features.


iphone casino free offersIn the main, there are two types of iPhone gambling applications. They are native apps and browser versions. Both versions have similar functionalities, with the difference being that the native apps are downloaded from the iTunes store and installed to run as native apps on your device, while the web versions work exclusively in your phone browser and do not require any download.

Apple devices do not support Flash technology, and most online gaming sites are built using Flash, so this limits the number of non-native gaming apps you can use on your iPhone.

Recently though, there is an increasing number of browser gaming apps that are made using HTML 5, which is universal to all platforms and operating systems.


Your local jurisdiction may or may not permit mobile gaming involving money. Betting and gambling from your iPhone may or may not be legal. If you are not sure about the legality of making use of such platforms, you should examine your local laws, or check with a professional.

In the US for instance, several types of web-based betting are still awaiting approval under federal law. As a result, Apple restricts American users from making use of gaming apps that use real money. Australia’s Gambling and Amendment Bill 2016 contains severe restrictions, including a complete prohibition of all unlicensed gambling services. Only certified operations can operate in Australia.

Under British law, the only restriction is that any such gambling establishment must be issued with the UK Gambling Commission’s remote Gaming Permit issued

Customer Service

iphone casinos free offers
Just like with a computer-based online casinos account, if you have any issues or queries concerning your one, you can contact their customer service team to get answers and help. For specifically technical queries, may be able to get help from a dedicated technical support if such exists.

In the absence of that, the site’s client support manager may be able to help you. It is important to note that sometimes, it may be your device itself that is causing you issues, as against the gaming platform.

User Privacy & Safety

Like the iPhone itself, its gaming arenas have a reputation for watertight security, much like how it would be on a personal computer. In addition, to secure storage and passwords on the part of online arenas, iPhone data encryption measures include a dedicated Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) 256-bit crypto engine and a device-specific 256-bit key called the Unique Identifier (UD).

Differences And Similarities Between iPhone And Online Casinos

Online casinos and iPhone casinos are pretty much identical. Both are essentially web versions of brick-and-mortar ones, with a variety of games and prizes, and support for several payment methods. The major difference between iPhone gaming arenas and their online counterparts is that first one do not support applications based on Flash technology.

Most online arenas use Adobe Flash Player infrastructure as a substitute for downloading casino software to your device. Since iPhones do not support Flash, such platforms are not accessible to iPhone users.

Software Support

Previously, the inability of iOS to support Flash technology made it difficult to develop free browser-based iPhone games. This challenge is slowly being defeated, as developers create HTML 5 games. By nature, this language can be used across most hardware and software platforms. What this means is that you can use your iPhone to play browser-based games now.

In-Play Graphics

free offers for casinos for iphoneSome years ago, mobile devices could only support games with the most basic graphics and device performance needs.

Game development using HTML 5 has changed all that because online arenas can now offer games on iPhones, which typically have graphic quality and responsiveness almost equivalent to a computer. Despite this advancement, there is still quite a significant distance to catch up to the performance of online gaming platforms on a computer.

The offered picture resolution generally tops out at 2048×1536, and its image rendering is well behind that of a decent laptop. An iPhone’s internal processor speed also tops out at 1.8Ghz, while the average laptop model in production nowadays starts from about 4Ghz.


The most obvious advantage of playing on your mobile device is that you can do so wherever you are. Once you are online and you have a registered account, the world of gaming is open to you 24/7. Gaming sure has come a long way since struggling to load a webpage on your PC!

Withdrawal And Deposit Methods

Depositing funds into your gaming account follows pretty much the same format as that of a conventional online gaming house. You log in, choose how you want to make payment, and enter the amount you want to put in. It also supports all the popular payment options used by gaming platforms (as credit cards, web money wallets, etc.).


As with all Internet gaming, there are bonuses and special offers available to iPhone gaming arena users. In fact, as an iPhone Casino gambler, you may even be given gaming codes, coupons or other offers as a mobile device bonus.