Industry Data Online Privacy

Industry Data esteem the confidentiality and privacy of visitors’ data. Only the staff has an access for the raw data and only for the dissemination and analysis of our site.

Here we need the consolidated data that doesn’t disclose information about any contributor is provided to depositors, other than the depositor that provided the raw data.

1.1 Personal Info

We do not have information of the personal character on this website.
You can provide personal information by participating in chat and discussions groups.

This information is not protected and can be accessed by users who have access to this site. You must provide information on these services only if you agree that this information will be published publicly.

IDO can’t make a comment on the sites’ privacy policies (sites, to which links are available here)

1.2 Security

IDO and providers of services have provided data protection functions to make visitors data secure. Due to the dynamic developing of the Internet, IDO can’t assure you in 100% safety of transfers between themselves and our site.

To protect all data on our system we implemented passwords and usernames, and there is no way to protect them without this measure, so, please, do not release your codes to other people. You give a permission to store your info on out system while creating a password.

1.3 Quality of Info

We take all reasonable measures to assure you that all information we gather, use or give access to is accurate.